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June 8, 2013
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GM: Fritz Rozendorn by TheThreeRavens GM: Fritz Rozendorn by TheThreeRavens

EDIT: So, I got into this group and didn't even notice HAHAHAHAHAHA :iconpapmingplz: I am so lame cries

The whole time I was drawing this, I kept thinking about The Sound of Music...:iconmingplz:

Victorian clothing is hard. :iconpapmingplz:

I hope I get in, yes, this group is marvelous. :iconrlyplz:


:star: Name:
Friedrich Johann Rozendorn ("Fritz")

:star: Age:

:star: Birthday:
August 15th

:star: Nationality:

:star: Role:

:star: Weapon:
Baton - The Conductor's baton Fritz is often seen carrying is tipped with lethal poison, because of this he does not allow others to touch it. The baton was a gift from his (now deceased) father, a renowned German composer, on his 13th birthday. The baton signified his entrance into manhood, and holds lots of sentimental value.

:star: Personality:
As composers tend to be, Fritz is slightly withdrawn and comes off as a bit rude when he is writing and conducting music. He is extremely fastidious about music, his dedication to a piece can be a bit frightening. When conducting, he demands everything be a certain way and tends to restart a piece if a single note is missed.

This quality makes him a wonderful conductor, but almost intolerable to musicians and others in his profession. He is stubborn, strict, and tends to be slightly impatient and short-tempered. He is usually intolerant to mistakes and often delivers the line, "'Learning from your mistakes' means fixing them the second time, not making them again!" but he is also one to offer his help very quickly.

Outside of conducting, he is carefully polite and lighthearted. Despite being a stern conductor, he is pleasant in personality. Often times he settles on impassiveness, but can just as easily become sociable. He is somewhat quiet, usually choosing to observe rather than participate. He is graceful in stature and charming by nature, his aura cautiously elegant.

:star: Likes:
:bulletgreen: Classical music, usually pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Ludwig Van Beethoven.
:bulletgreen: A wide range of teas. :iconmingteatimeplz:
:bulletgreen: String instruments.
:bulletgreen: Animals. (they don't like him very much :iconmingtearsplz:)
:bulletgreen: Sweets. (the scary conductor likes caaaake :iconming2plz:)
:bulletgreen: Austria.
:bulletgreen: Literature.
:bulletgreen: All forms of Art.
:bulletgreen: Punctuality.
:bulletgreen: Days when the sun isn't out, but it isn't raining and it's cool/windy.
:bulletgreen: Elaborate coats, blazers, and vests. (THIS ONE'S A SECRET :iconmingwhatdoplz:)

:star: Dislikes:
:bulletred: People that touch him all the time. (....:iconmingplz:)
:bulletred: Ignorance.
:bulletred: Bitter things.
:bulletred: People that mumble or do not speak clearly. (:iconaxmingplz:)
:bulletred: Creative slumps, writer's block.
:bulletred: Out of tune instruments.
:bulletred: Soulless music.
:bulletred: Those who are constantly tardy.
:bulletred: Unsanitary environments.

:star: Puppet Parts:
Wooden hands which he covers with leather gloves.

:star: Special Abilities:
:bulletorange: Natural born leader - He commands respect and is extremely austere.
:bulletorange: Musical ability - He dabbles in many musical instruments (violin, piano, cello, harpsichord, etc.) and can easily pick up any instrument.
:bulletorange: Intelligent - He is very clever and has an immaculate memory.

:star: History:

Fritz was born on the Austrian countryside into a high class family. His mother, who died giving birth, was an Austrian singer while his father was a German musical composer. His father was overrun by grief at the death of his mother and refused to acknowledge the presence of his son for the first 10 years of his life, during this time Fritz was raised by the servants of his father's residence. He was taught by private tutors and cultured through the mastering of violin, piano, and song. When he turned 11, his father fell on bad times and the family was swamped in debts; having no other choice, his father migrated them to the French countryside to live with his sister and her family.

During their stay in France, Fritz and his father grew close. His father taught Fritz how to compose and conduct, breeding in him a deep love for music. However, when Fritz turned 12 his father became extremely ill. The illness resulted in paralysis of the legs. The elder Rozendorn eventually recovered, but the long period of sickness left him weak and vulnerable. This, however, did not stop him from helping Fritz progress further in music. On his 13th birthday, Fritz was gifted his father's oldest and most valuable baton, something he holds dear even now. By the time he was 15, he was already selling his own pieces, and conducting local Orchestras. Around this time, his father once again became ill and passed away.

Without his father to tether him to his aunt's family, he was driven out. He returned to Austria in an attempt to perhaps conduct his father's orchestra there, but was turned down for his lack of experience and young age. For three years, he taught piano and violin to children of high class families and did odd jobs at farms and stores in town. At the age of 18, he decided to return to France. He resided in Paris and worked as a music teacher at a boarding school for five years. When he was 23, he moved to the French countryside and worked as a conductor of a orchestra there for three years. One afternoon, he was taking a stroll when the faint sound of accordion filled the air. Curious, he followed the captivating music and was faced with a well-dressed man. Oddly enough, the music was beginning to cloud his mind; he was growing lethargic, his eyes flickering and finally closing against his will.

:star: Additional Information:
:bulletblue: He's slightly OCD. :iconmingplz:
:bulletblue: He prefers night to day.
:bulletblue: His favorite color is blue. :iconimboboplz:
:bulletblue: He is fluent in German, French, and Welsh.
:bulletblue: He finds the sound of a baby crying disturbing. :iconimsotiredplz:

:star: Quote:

"Music comes form the soul, not from the instrument."
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