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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hi, I'm Ravens.

I draw stuff sometimes.

My art is digital and I use Paint-Tool Sai. \( `v` )/

Thanks for visiting my page!

:iconrainbowsparklesplz:Important Booties::iconrainbowsparklesplz:
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"there must always be a stark at bonerfell" :iconnedstarkplz:

i got tagged by nhiwi, ShimminyCricket, and LeMinouNoir :iconsweatsnervously2plz: 
i'm gonna do all of them because then i can procrastinate on homework longer i love them all equally :iconehesmileplz:

[1] You must post these rules. 
[2] Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
[3] Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
[4] Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
[5] You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
[6] No tag-backs. 
[7] You can't say that you don't do tags.
[8] You MUST make a journal entry!


N H I : 
  1. What are you grateful for?
    • people that upload answers to test reviews or make helpful review pages for school and stuff :icontouchedplz: u the real mvp
  2. Do you love yourself?
    • no but I wish I did :iconesteemissuesplz: i think it would help me lead a happier life
  3. What's your favorite food? Pick only one, dickheads. 
    • how u gon tell me to pick just one food c'mon son :iconsnoopnoplz: but ye i guess like fried chicken lmaooo idk help me
  4. Do you like Beyonce, yes or yes? (If you answer no, I'll judge you but silently and from behind this screen)
    • o f c i do wtf :iconteam-fierce:
  5. A song that is important to you
    • this isn't a question :iconforrealplz: //smacked. Paradise by Coldplay because it's a song I listened to constantly before I underwent surgery and went under anesthesia with it playing in my ear and woke up to it. The song marks a significant event in my life.
  6. How did you start drawing?
    • baby rave scribbled on the walls in crayon thought she was da vinci and it just kinda went from there
  7. How would you describe your style?
    • trashy and anime :iconwind-plz: but slowly becoming a little less anime but hella trashier
  8. Favorite girl scout cookie?
  9. Sweet or savory?
    • savory :iconbuenoplz:
  10. How well can you handle spice?
    • pretty damn well :iconheyboyplz: i can eat like almost one entire hot cheeto without crying i think im pretty strong 

N I O R :
  1. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? 
    • do u ever feel, feel so paper thin like a house of cards one blowjob from caving in :icongtthplz: 
  2. Have you given out your phone number to people on the internet--- AND REGRETTED IT?
    • no lmao :iconimsotiredplz: only my really close friends have my number (if u r a close friend who does not have my number it's probably because i think ur too cool for my lame self or because i never got around to it lmaooo just ask if ya want it homeskillet) 
  3. How do you describe your sense of humor? 
    • there is no filter between my brain and my mouth/fingers :iconming2plz: my sense of humour is horrible and offensive and full of dick jokes
  4. How thug are you?
    • like 3 thug
  5. Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? .......Or Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Hortons ...or like no coffee?
    • U-UHM N-NESCAFE FRO M WAL-MART :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:
  6. Have you ever had boba/ bubble/ tapioca pearls? & if so do you like?
    • hell yeah he ll ye a h h ee l l ye  ah boba is the shit i fucking love boba holy shi t it's so good wtf
  7. Do you feel empowered when you listen to Fireworks by Katy Perry? 
    • b a b y u r a f i r e w o r k 
    • no 
  9. Why @ # 8?
    • my morals are against it lmao
  10. Hot Cheetos with Nacho Cheese or Tapatío & limón? -- or like what you a basic? 
    • yes i like all that :icontakemymoneyplz:

S H I M :
  1. Are you different online than irl?
    • sometimes i have to be a mature adult :icongrossplz: but other than that im about the same lol
  2. Which celebrity would you bang? (This is for science)
    • one of the Chris's (Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth) probably :icondeepthoughtplz:
  3. Tits or Ass?

  4. Why ? 
  5. Do you like to show off the stuff you've drawn? Or keep it private?
    • some things i keep to myself, others i only share with a select few like porn and shippy things--, and other things i put on dA or tumblr; it just kinda depends lmao
  6. What do you listen to while you draw?
    • depends on what im drawing :iconepicboogieplz:
  7. Do you ever feel already buried deep? 6 feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing?
    • do you know that there's still a chance for you? because jesus christ will forgiiiive yooou :iconjesus-plz: thank u for taking a moment to talk about our lord and saviour cheesus crust
  8. Any big news?
    • im gonna be in chicago for three to four days starting july 9th and then maybe in washington and new york the next school year :iconfoshizzleplz: hmu if u wanna hang lmao
  9. Childhood dreams?
    • i wanted to be an FBI agent as a child :iconlaughsplz:
  10. What's your favorite plz icon?
    • omg this is hard cause there are so many i like maybe :icontonguewhipplz: or like :iconhhhhplz: or :iconbuenoplz: iDK I REALLY LOVE A LOT OF ICONS :iconmishacryplz:

  1. What is your fondest memory? 
  2. Which parent do you favor and why?
  3. Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin; like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?
  4. Are you confident in your artwork?
  5. What the heckie are ya gonna do with ya life?
  6. Do you like Bandicoot Cocksnatcher? 
  7. Make yourself a better human creature: draft here one random act of kindness you will do your best to make a reality before the end of your high school/university career (if you don't go to high school or uni, then by the end of this year). 
  8. What is one privilege you were granted as a child and denied as an adult (or teenager)? 
  9. Favorite hobby?
  10. Which is your favorite (or rank them from most to least fave): dinosaur, dragon, cat

:iconpichoochoo: :iconwolves1207: :iconrovely: :iconrosalaine: :icondevilishtwin: :iconredheart908: :iconthedarklordcreator: :iconsilent-songs: :iconyenkin: :iconannokat: 

yES I FOUND TEN PEOPLE TO TAG-- :iconmysuccessplz: 
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Uptown Funk
  • Reading: A Clash of Kings
  • Watching: Horns
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Cheetos
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
Halo by TheThreeRavens
This is as far from a halo as you can get-- :iconming2plz: 
This started as a draft for an RP character but then I got carried away and it became an unnamed demon of sorts with a messy-ass background. :icongtthplz: I'm sorry; you can really see the shittiness if you zoom in-- 
LD: Sweater Meme by TheThreeRavens
LD: Sweater Meme

This turned out worse than predicted-- :iconshadowedplz:

Merry late Christmas tho :iconuguufaceplz: Hope y'all had a great Christmas and are enjoying y'all's holidays!

Sketch + Shading + Waist up | 5 points
Simple BG | 1.25 points

TOTAL: 6.25 points

[R-C] YOOOga by TheThreeRavens
[R-C] YOOOga

he's trying to become more flexAYYYble :iconehesmileplz: //shot. 

ethan ya gona hurt yaself :icondumbledorenoplz:
[R-C] Ethan Arkwright by TheThreeRavens
[R-C] Ethan Arkwright


idk what i’m doing i hope i get in lmfao--:iconocryplz:

Larger app image

EDIT: in. :iconshakedogplz:

TRIGGER WARNING: Depressive themes and domestic abuse

:star:B A S I C S:star:

Name: Ethan Arkwright

Age: 20

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)

Weight: 130 pounds (59 kg)

Nationality: British

:star:P E R S O N A L I T Y:star:

:bulletgreen:Empathetic, good-natured, passionate
Perhaps his best quality is his ability to feel others' emotions very deeply. A mixture of perception and genuine interest allows him to be severely empathetic towards those he comes into contact with. In a way, he is able to adopt emotions from others; if he converses with an upset individual he tends to feel upset as well, if an angry person he also acquires a fowl mood, etc. This quality helps him get along with others because he is sensitive to their emotional needs. Soft-spoken and with a vague aura of kindness surrounding him, Ethan is very good-natured. He hardly ever loses his temper and tends to smile more than frown; it's difficult to make him angry, but not so much to make him cry or smile due to his hyperactive emotional make-up. While mostly a young man with a subdued nature, Ethan is quite passionate about his ideals. This connects back to his feeling things very deeply; while not opinionated, he feels certain emotions (like hope and joy) in bursts of passion. He is intense when describing things he enjoys and almost bubbly in his excitement.
:bulletwhite:Dreamy, emotional, self-conscious, guileless, whimsical
Ethan often does not reside in the real world; he is plagued with daydreams and sometimes loses touch with reality. He is the sort who can gaze out of a window for hours on end and be thoroughly entertained by their own thoughts. His overall disposition is rather dreamy and rarely sharp. Ethan has a selective, hyperactive emotional scale; he feels sadness and joy too aggressively, but anger not aggressively enough. He would much rather block out his own hateful feelings than ever lash out towards others, thus he chooses to feel upset over infuriated. Ethan is extremely self-conscious he gets embarrassed easily, lowkey criticizes his own taste in literally everything, and has no clue how to take compliments (thinking most of the time that the comment isn't directed at him, then becoming embarrassed once it is revealed that it was meant for him. What a loser.) Ethan's intentions are always innocent; the concept of having an ulterior motive is lost on him. His guileless nature does not allow for deception; he is a firm believer in having honest intentions. Whimsical actions define him as a playful and generally harmless individual. The phrase "would never hurt a fly" applies here; he believes in pure, clean fun. In addition to this form of whimsy, the alternate form of the term (which entails impulsive actions/desires and also giving in or admitting to items/actions one enjoys) is also something he tends to pursue for sport and self-satisfaction.
:bulletred:Vulnerable, fanciful, gullible, wishful
Ethan is strong willed in the sense that he is stubborn about his goals and wishes, however he tends to be vulnerable in every other instance; he cannot defend himself in any way, whether that be with words or his fists and he is essentially a crybaby. Over-emotion for Ethan leads to tears. His fanciful nature often puts him in dangerous situations and establishes him as someone who is quite childish in the sense that he believes children's stories most adults see as unrealistic/improbable (for example, he still believes in Santa Claus, scary stories scare him to death because he think they are true). He often has difficulty grasping the true nature of a problem because his assessment discludes the negative aspect and focuses on the silver lining, this means his abilities in terms of damage control in a situation is crap for he cannot grasp the scale of damages. Ethan's Achilles Heel is his gullibility; he trusts others without a second thought, which often gets him sucked into unsavory situations. He is easily swayed and convinced; his own stupidity, naivety, and social ignorance will no doubt lead to his downfall. Ethan is constantly on the search for something brighter, to give more meaning to his life; despite how many times the world may beat him down, he believes that something good will come of it. While this is a somewhat positive quality, his wishfulness makes him (again) terrible in times of crisis as he is more than content to sit on the floor and simply wait for whatever is happening to blow over. His logic remains that something good is undoubtedly coming and will undoubtedly come, thus he often does not make an effort to control the outcome of a situation which makes him an easy target.

:star:L I K E S (:bulletgreen:) / D I S L I K E S (:bulletred:):star:

:bulletgreen: Turtles! He owns a turtle named Winston Churchill; Church is a wood turtle with greenish black colouring.
:bulletgreen: Sleeping
:bulletgreen: Running
:bulletgreen: Reading
:bulletgreen: Nei biscuits; they are essentially cookies made of flour, butter, and sugar usually taken with tea.
:bulletgreen: Wings; freedom is something Ethan values and wings capture the very essence of freedom, they (wings) are often depicted on his clothing.
:bulletgreen: Clothes his mother purchases for him
:bulletred: Clothes his mother purchases for him; sometimes he does not like the items of clothing but he wears them anyway to make his mother happy and because he doesn't want to have to buy his own. He’s hella frugal. :iconehesmileplz:
:bulletred: Wires; they get tangled too easily, he prefers all things wireless.
:bulletred: Brussel sprouts; they are Satan’s vegetables and make him cry.

:bulletred: Sitting still

:bulletred: Snakes; he's really scared of snakes. All snakes be warned: he will employ his defense mechanism if he sees one (he'll cry on it) :iconjesus-plz:

:star:S O N G  I N F O.:star:

Song of Choice: Paradise - Coldplay

Song Interpretation:
Paradise, in my opinion, entails the loss of innocence but the retainment of hope. The song insinuates that even after a heavy betrayal (whether that be by a person or by life in general), humans are capable of pushing through the obstacle and finding in themselves the ability to hope and trust once again. Perhaps this is naivety, but I believe that forgiving an action and moving on with one’s life requires a lot more strength than dwelling on it. As such, Ethan has been modeled to display the very qualities attempted to be transmitted; innocence and forgiveness even after negative occurrences.

Track History:
Ethan’s parents were forced together by circumstances of a teenage pregnancy in which both parties pledged to do their best with the child regardless of what consequences that may yield. He was born into no household at all, as his parents were homeless at the time of his birth. His father, at the time, worked the nightshift at a gas pump in an area prone to muggings. By the time Ethan was a year old, his parents had managed to scrape together enough funds to afford a studio flat. His father remained the main breadwinner of the household till Ethan turned three years old. His mother had worked odd jobs during this time and had received her GED, but she preferred to stay at home with Ethan. However, she eventually decided to start take on three part-time jobs and began working towards her bachelor’s. Ethan’s father became a stay-at-home dad, not that he needed to; the family was surviving on Ethan’s mother’s meager income and his father was encouraged by her to get a job but he refused. His mother was away all day and much of the night, only coming home for a few hours at night to sleep. His father grew more and more agitated during this time and began the drinking and purchase of women. His favorite way to expel agitation was by using Ethan as a punching bag.

Ethan had always been a dreamy child, he looked forward to a better tomorrow and was quite imaginative. However, the abuse began to make him hollow. It continued for another year and a half without stop; by then his mother had not only gotten her bachelor’s, but had also worked her way into a masters in practical physics. She quit the three jobs she had been working and instead obtained work at an applied physics lab as an assistant, she was also accepted to the physics Ph.D. program. Since she spent more time at home, she began noticing bruises and cuts appearing on her child without cause. She suspected that his father may have a hand in it, but settled on enduring it as she was now focusing intently on her Ph.D. However, shortly after her realization, Ethan had to be submitted to emergency care due to the partial collapse of his sternum; his father had quite literally punched his chest in and almost killed him. His mother realized that this was a serious matter and divorced his father. Ethan lost all the trust he had had in his father, however he decided to forgive him to prevent negativity from becoming a ruling factor in his life.

After his parents divorced, Ethan and his mother spent much of their time hopping from one motel to the next while his mother searched for a suitable, cheap living space. She managed to complete her P.h. D. during this time and was immediately recruited by a large, successful company as a motion physicist. Quickly, their financial situation was looking brighter. Ethan’s physique was no longer littered with wounds, however he had developed a very weak emotional make-up; he cried at the drop of a hat and generally feared everyone, while this never fully dispelled it seemed to calm over the years. He suffered a mild form of PTSD for which he was never truly treated, the emotional hyperactivity became a controlled side-effect. Despite the emotional turmoil, Ethan remained an almost stupidly trusting person; he continued to search for the best in people and found most joy when chasing his dreams. His mother met Ethan’s stepfather at her company and they were married not long after. For the first time, Ethan resided in a situation where financial stability was always present. Nevertheless, he seemed to retain the frugality and sensibility taught by his mother. Ethan had always been a bit of a prodigy, thus he graduated early and set off to university. He moved out of his mother and his stepfather’s home (though, they insisted on a trust fund) and moved closer to his university. As a third year in university, he has nearly completed a bachelor’s in biochemistry; he hopes to pursue a Ph.D., like his mother. However, after moving out, he realized quickly that living alone was, well, lonely so he purchased Winston Churchill.

:star:P E R S O N A L  I N F O.:star:

Orientation: Pansexual

:bulletblue: Mother - Ethan is very close with his mother. She knows him well and often takes advantage of this by purchasing items for him that she knows he will enjoy. Since his father wasn't a positive presence, Ethan's mother assumed both the maternal and the paternal roles in his life. He no longer shares a residence with her however, she and her husband maintain a trust fund for him.

:bulletblack: Father - Ethan's father was an extremely irresponsible person; he did not have a job and what little money was made by his wife, he extinguished on alcohol and prostitutes. He was an abysmal husband and an even worse father; he enjoyed giving Ethan what he called "reality checks" but were basically long-winded, aggressive lectures about how Ethan would never amount to anything because he lacked all possible desirable qualities. These lectures were usually followed by heavy beatings where Ethan, on more than one occasion, sustained bloody bruises and broken bones. At first, this went unnoticed by Ethan's mother, who worked three jobs and was rarely home, but it took a toll on young Ethan. Eventually, his mother took note of Ethan's distress and decided to leave his father. Ethan and his father have not spoken in something like fifteen years, but he has decided to forgive his father for the abuse and refuses to dwell on it.

:bulletwhite: Stepfather - Ethan's stepfather and his mother have been married for approximately thirteen years. He has been the head of the innovative applied sciences division at a large, fortune 500 company for ten years; he is very wealthy. While Ethan is not close with him, he is grateful to his stepfather for treating his mother well and for treating him well. In addition, his stepfather has been a constant in his life for a very long time; even though his stepfather does not maintain a paternal figure in Ethan’s life, he still appreciates his involvement. They have always been exceedingly formal with one another simply because they have difficulty connecting, however they still enjoy a very comfortable relationship. Ethan's trust fund is filled by his stepfather.

:bulletred: Eugene "Gen" Bae - He dumped cinnamon into Ethan's coffee as a joke and nearly killed him. An excessive amount of spice is not healthy for his damaged lungs so he went into a bout of coughing and choking. He had to be admitted to the hospital (lol) and that awarded him quite a bit of serious mental trauma. He's terrified of Gen and now and will literally run (LOLOL) at the first sign of him. It is likely that Gen will receive another chance, but will never be fully in Ethan's good graces ever again due to the emotional suffering he had to endure after almost dying in a cafe bathroom. 

Additional Info.: 
:bulletpink: "Cold hands, warm heart." - for whatever reason, his extremities are always cold. 
:bulletpink: He speaks in the standard British accent, Received Pronunciation, in a smooth tone. His voice is neither deep nor high; think Thomas Brodie-Sangster.  
:bulletpink: His lab coat is always too big for him; the male sizes are too long and loose at the shoulders and arms, and the female sizes are too small for his shoulders and too loose around the chest. Thus, he always looks stupid af with his sleeves rolled up awkwardly and his coat sliding off his shoulders. 
:bulletpink: He's always really, really, really wanted a rabbit but he's deathly allergic so he contents himself with several stuffed animals. 
:bulletpink: He isn't queasy at all; vomit, blood, germs-- nothing phases him. Ever. 
:bulletpink: He is shy at first, but very friendly once a conversation is started (he'll never start one himself though). 
:bulletpink: He doesn't scar easily; he has a faint, vertical one on his chest from the healed collapsed sternum, but little to no other significant scars. 
:bulletpink: He has minor breathing problems due to the aforementioned sternum collapse, but prides himself on being a former award-winning high school cross-country runner and does his best to keep his lungs healthy. 
:bulletpink: He works at the university's biochem research facilities as a senior researcher. 
:bulletpink: He lowkey sucks at cooking. 
:bulletpink: He highkey sucks at drawing. 


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