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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hi, I'm Ravens.

I draw stuff sometimes.

My art is digital and I use Paint-Tool Sai. \( `v` )/

Thanks for visiting my page!

:iconrainbowsparklesplz:Important Booties::iconrainbowsparklesplz:
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[S.O.S] G E N D E R B E N D by TheThreeRavens
[S.O.S] G E N D E R B E N D

FINALLY JUMPED ON THE BANDWAGON WAHOO LMFAO :iconimdedplz: This is technically a WIP cause I was 2 lazy to color but let's be honest-- I'm probably never gonna finish it :iconimsotiredcryplz: 


Her name is Hwanghu (which is the closest avaliable counterpart to the title Taewang) :iconheplz:

Knees up lineart | 40 fans. + 5 for basic colors???

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Well :iconsweatsnervouslyplz: I've been on this site for some eight to ten years, but I've only had this account for about three years. 

:bulletblue:What does your username mean?
My username is based off of an old English folk ballad called "The Ballad of The Three Ravens". I first came across it when my brother had to do a presentation in a poetry class in college on an old English ballad, as their unit was "ballads of the 15th century". After being subject to listening to this presentation as well as reading the chantey myself, I found myself enamored with the tale. To this day, "The Ballad of The Three Ravens" remains one of my favorite poetic pieces. 

:bulletblue:Describe yourself in three words.
Tired, Stressed, and Fabulous :icondivaplz:

:bulletblue:Are you left or right handed?
Right. :iconepicboogieplz:

:bulletblue:What was your first deviation?
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :iconbuddyjesusplz: I'm not gonna go down this rabbit hole of despair, sorry--

:bulletblue:What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital art (usually drawings of buff men and ladies :iconmingplz:)

:bulletblue:If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
oH MAN OKAY. UhM, I guess I'd want a more unique and expressive style? I'd want a coloring style that isn't awkward, that utilizes a plethora of shades both warm and cool, and that plays with light/dark balance perfectly. :iconocryplz:

:bulletblue:What was your first favourite?
LOL, IDK? It might have been something my friend drew iT'S BEEN 84 YEARS OK :iconoldplz:

:bulletblue:What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
My friends' art, interesting art (in terms of composition)? Idk, I fave what I like and what I like varies. 

:bulletblue:Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Nesskain and littleulvar are tied for my favorite :iconsweatsnervously4plz: they're both fantastic artists with unique and appealing styles!! It's difficult to choose between them. 

:bulletblue:If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
OHHH UHM The entirety of Team Fierce lmfao (LeMinouNoir, ShimminyCricket, Wolves1207, nhiwi, molly8972, ConstellationChild, LeMinouGris, YenKin, and Rosalaine) and my best homodachi Pichoochoo

:bulletblue:How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
THIS LIST IS REALLY LONG AHAHA;;; so I'm only gonna highlight one person and that's Pichoochoo. She's always there for me when I need her and she puts up with all my shiet LOL I'm not sure where I would be if I hadn't met her; she was the first friend I made after there was a huge falling out with my old group of friends (I still talk to a lot of them!! It's just not the same anymore after everything lmfao //killme) and I don't think I can ever put into words how grateful I was for her kindness. If I hadn't made friends with Pichoo, I wouldn't have been able to make friends with all the incredible people I know now. 

:bulletblue:What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom Bamboo Tablet CTL-470

:bulletblue:What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Uhm, on my bed in the comfort of my home-- :iconmingplz:

:bulletblue:What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
When I got accepted into re--volution, I was scared cause it was a big, popular group with spectacular members. I didn't think I'd have the courage or be good enough to make friends with anyone...bOY WAS I WRONG LMFAOOO. I guess my dA favorite memory would be the time in re:V chat (it was in the middle of the night) we first called ourselves "Team Fierce" and I really felt like I belonged. SO THANKS :iconteam-fierce: FOR EVERYTHING LOL
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: BTS
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Coffee Prince
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Cheetos
  • Drinking: Water
[S.O.S] T A E W A N G by TheThreeRavens
[S.O.S] T A E W A N G

Hello it is I, the creator of shit apps back again with another pile of garbage. :iconsuavepapaplz:
Look at the bigger picture.
We must show our true colors.

"If you don't behave, you'll get Hooked. :iconforrealplz:"

:star: ||BASIC INFORMATION|| :star:

:bulletyellow: Full Name: Park, Jin Hyuk
:bulletyellow: Birth Name: Jack Fa'amoe
:bulletyellow: Stage Name: TAEWANG  
:bulletyellow: Nicknames: King, Tiddy Oppa, Mufasa, etc. :icondeadbodyplz:
:bulletyellow: Gender: Male :iconlazymachoplz:
:bulletyellow: Age | D.o.B: 24 yo | 10 November 
:bulletyellow: Height: 6ft 5in (198 cm)
:bulletyellow: Weight: 267lbs (121 kg)
:bulletyellow: Bloodtype: A-
:bulletyellow: Ethnicity: Korean/Samoan 
:bulletyellow: Languages: Korean (100%) | English (100%) | French (60% pronunciation is shit) | Samoan (10% "I love you grandma")  

:star: ||BAND|| :star:

:bulletpurple:Band: M O H J Y
:bulletpurple:Position: LEADER OF MOHJY - Lead Rapper 
:bulletpurple:Why I joined S.O.S: "I joined S.O.S because I want to pursue what I love." 
:bulletpurple:Popularity: Trainee
:bulletpurple:Fan Count: 0
:bulletpurple:Voice Claim: RAP MONSTER 1 2 3

:star: ||PERSONALITY|| :star:

[+Responsible | +Patient | +Tenacious | +Tolerant| =Maternal | =Stoic | =Frugal | -Blunt | -Finicky | -Skeptical | -Critical]

Being the leader of a band like MOHJY means more than simply leading or speaking for the group...rather, it is synonymous to adopting eight very rowdy children. Of course to babysit such a stellar band of ruffians requires Jin Hyuk to utilize his god-given gift of responsibility. One of his roles in the band, as leader, is to keep the peace-- in this case, keeping the peace often amounts to "preventing murder". Such a task requires a bit of mediating and acting as a buffer; he rarely takes sides in conflicts and tends to preside over squabbles with both sides in mind. He is often the parent of the band and does things such as delegating chores, creating practice schedules, or punishing instigative behavior. Acting as the parent figure originated from the fact that Jin Hyuk grew up with busy parents which caused him to assume a care-giving role with his many younger siblings; years of enduring small children and dealing with the childish antics of his bandmates have made him incredibly patient. He is able to tolerate a vast amount of tomfoolery and keep his head when stressed; however, his wrath is a thing of legend among the MOHJY members and they do their best not to ignite it (as one may avoid disappointing/angering one's parent). He has an innate strictness about him which one may associate with a maternal figure. His concerns about his bandmates, friends, and siblings can be equated to those one may hear from their mother; tl;dr he's "the mom" of the friend group. 

Jin Hyuk is rather tenacious in most things; he is adamant about maintaining schedules and adheres very closely to a certain discipline in his life-- his bed (and often the beds of his bandmates) is always made and his shirts are always laundered, he runs every morning and lifts weights every night, he holds a religious belief in spring cleaning, etc. He is especially resolute in his career; he is extremely passionate when rapping and dedicates hours of each day to improving himself as a rapper-- he will never settle for anything less than his best or the best of his band, nor will be allow anyone to treat him or his band in anyway less than what is considered the best. In addition he is extremely picky about his clothing, makeup, etc. and tends to complain if a  situation is causing him too much inconvenience. Such a finicky attitude often makes it difficult for him to make friends; he isn't particularly personable, though he is rather approachable-- he won't go looking for friendship, but will welcome it if it is solicited. His persnickety standpoint means he does not forgive nor does he award his approval easily-- this contributes to his skepticism. Jin Hyuk is a realistic person when it comes to situations, however his outlook on humanity is critical at best; he believes everyone to have bad intentions so he tends to keep his "weaknesses" to himself and often asses the weaknesses of others-- he's shady lmao. In addition to this broad sense, he can't help correcting others if they are doing something incorrectly; he's very persistent about doing things the "right" way.

Jin Hyuk is incredibly stoic to the point of appearing emotionless, however that doesn't necessarily mean he is humorless. In fact, his favorite pastime is telling puns/jokes with a straight face. The flip-side of that coin is that it is difficult to tell when he is upset, simply because he hides it very well. In addition to being an actual real life literal expressionless rock, Jin Hyuk is a remarkably practical person. With practicality, comes frugality; he is constantly trying to find ways to save money and tends to be very difficult to convince when it comes to purchasing items. Most salespersons have difficulty when interacting with Jin Hyuk because of his formidable height, soulless blue glare, and stark fashion of speaking. Jin Hyuk is not one to sugar-coat; if ya look ugly, he's gonna tell ya that ya look ugly. Fishing for compliments doesn't work with him because it tends to backfire which means that he's inherently shitty with women. He'll keep silent about his opinions unless he is asked; if he is asked, he won't hold back. He is a believer in free-speaking and will voice his opinion (if asked), no matter how rude it may be. He's quite judgmental in that he tends to form opinions or conclusions on people. 
His public appearance is strong, silent type with a sensitive personality (based on his answers to questions like "what is your ideal girl" to which he replies "a girl who loves me" :cheese:) and a kind aura. :iconepicboogieplz:

:star: ||BIOGRAPHY|| :star:

:bulletblue: His father was a traveling socioeconomic speaker of Samoan descent who came to Korea as a visiting professor.
:bulletblue: His mother was a physics professor at a local university where his father came to speak. 
:bulletblue: His parents were madly, disgustingly in love.
:bulletblue: He was born in Korea, but he only stayed till the age of three; his father moved the family to Ontario, Canada because he got a more stable job there. 
:bulletblue: His siblings (all six of them; two boys and four girls) were born in Canada.
:bulletblue: He lived in Canada till he was ten; his father passed away from lung cancer at the time so his mother moved the family back to Korea to live with Jin Hyuk's maternal grandparents. 
:bulletblue: Jin Hyuk took his Korean name when he moved to Korea simply because it was easier for him. 
:bulletblue: Since his parents were always rather busy (and his mother became withdrawn after the death of his father), Jin Hyuk ended up caring for his siblings.
:bulletblue: He tried to be a very positive, but strict force in the lives of his siblings.
:bulletblue: He remembered his parents saying that a good guardian sacrifices their own happiness for the happiness of their children so he tried to live his life in a way that was most beneficial to his younger siblings. 
:bulletblue: He discovered his passion for rapping through his love for poetry and rhythmic speaking in high school.
:bulletblue: Jin Hyuk wanted to be a rapper, but he knew that he needed a financially stable career for his family so he gave up his dream and went to college to become a civil engineer. 
:bulletblue: He suffered through college and stayed in his job for only a few months before he gave up and told his family he wanted to be an entertainer. 
:bulletblue: His siblings were not supportive of his dreams despite his support for their's; they ceased all communication with him and find him embarrassing.
:bulletblue: The only members of his family he talks to anymore are his mother and paternal grandmother (who resides in Canada); they are both very supportive of Jin Hyuk and encourage him to dedicate himself to what he enjoys. 
:bulletblue: He loves rapping and he loves his band; Jin Hyuk wouldn't give up this life for the world. 
:bulletblue: For the first time since his father's death, Jin Hyuk feels like he's living his life for himself and that makes him really happy.

:star: ||EXTRAS|| :star:

:bulletgreen:L I K E S:
❤️ Watermelon 
❤️ GYM DAAAAYS :iconrunningmachoplz:
❤️ Caesar salad is the shit dude 
❤️ The Hooks :iconheplz: a preferred method of punishment for MOHJY members who stir shit up
❤️ Spoiling LyChee 
❤️ Little kids 
❤️The fake tattoos he always seems to get for MVs! They make him wanna get large-scale tats! 

:bulletred: D I S L I K E S: 
💔 When JOKER eats all the meat on KBBQ night B( 
💔 When Hei and Dae don't get along B((
💔 Talking about his feelings cause he's bad at it and lol what feelings :iconimboboplz:
💔 Brussel sprouts 
💔 Washing dishes!!! It's his least favorite chore :icontailswtfplz:

:bulletorange: F U N F A C T S:
👌 He sounds really bad when he sings in the shower, but his real singing voice is actually quite good. 
👌 He's got a very bad case of RBF (Resting Bitch Face) 
👌 He has a doberman pinscher at his mom's house named Brutus; MOHJY nicknamed him Burrito. 
👌 He's remarkably good with kids despite looking so rough. 
👌 The tattoo on his hip was originally 'C' for a girlfriend named Chunhyang, but then they broke up when he entered university so he had it altered to distance himself from the awkwardness :iconlaughsplz:
👌 The black and white arrows on his wrist symbolize the two different paths he had attempted to take in his adult life; the white representing his kpop career with his engineering career in black. 
👌 The black beaded teardrop between his collarbones is a tribute to his father who had the same tattoo. 
👌 He loves telling dirty jokes because no one expects them from him so they're 1000x funnier. :iconmingplz: 
👌 The whole thing MOHJY has going with touching his pectorals for good luck and calling him 'Oppai Oppa' for having the biggest 'boobs' in the band is honestly really weird to him but he accepts it because it seems to lift their spirits. 
👌 Tbh, he's super chill all the time :iconimsotiredplz:

:bulletpink: P R E F E R E N C E S: 
👍 I RP best through Skype (just ask me for my Skype ID) but I am open to other forms of RP; I'm pretty flexible when it comes to method. :iconsexydanceplz:
👍 I RP Lit mostly, I can do script too but my script is pretty bad. :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:
👍 I'm open to any and every plotline. :iconheavybreathingplz:
[FNS] Nishioka, Shunichi by TheThreeRavens
[FNS] Nishioka, Shunichi


//EXHAUSTED W HEEZING :iconimdedplz: I was gonna put more on his app but then my tablet died :iconmingtearsplz: I'lladdmorestuffwhenit'saliveagainlol

pls do not look at my ugly handwriting or that god awful iPhone-- :iconming2plz:

Nerd Antics

:iconrainbowsparkleplz:Nishioka, Shunichi:iconrainbowsparkleplz:

[Nishi, Shun]

"My GPA might be mediocre, bUT I'M NOT!"


:bulletred: Height: 189 cm (6' 2.5") 
:bulletred: Weight: 88 kg (194 lbs; mostly muscle mass) 
:bulletred: Eyecolor: Blue 
:bulletred: Haircolor: Ash brown
:bulletred: Bloodtype: B-
:bulletred: Birthday: 27 March 


:bulletgreen: Year: III
:bulletgreen: Class: N/A
:bulletgreen: Club: Swim Club1 Archery Club2 Kendo Club3
:bulletgreen: ID#: N/A
:bulletgreen: GPA: 3.5
:bulletgreen: Locker#: N/A



[+Articulate | +Friendly | +Athletic | =Ambitious | =Competitive | -Arrogant | -Narcissistic]

A background in theatre has helped Nishi to be remarkably articulate. His voice is rather operatic with a deep booming quality further enhanced by his intricate enunciation and formal vocal make-up. He is fairly rambunctious, though that has more to do with his voluminous quality of speaking and his large size than his actual behaviour; the only reason he doesn’t seem overly boisterous is because he has a certain maturity that exceeds his young age-- he models in an environment where a vast majority are adults, thus taking an adult tone has become habit.

Nishi is incredibly friendly, loyal, and team-oriented; he gets along exceedingly well with others and collaborative work comes easily to him-- he often takes a leadership role when involved with a group, be that formally or informally. He has a colorful background in team as well as individualistic sports and has notable athletic prowess. Nishi is quite quick-witted thanks to his theatrical affiliation and enjoys cracking jokes as well as delving into deeper discussions. He is easily humored and often can be seen smiling jovially.

Ambition ran through his veins starting at an early age; he strives for perfection in all things and has high hopes for himself. He has infinite potential and he sees that within himself which encourages him to toil tirelessly to achieve his goals. Hand in hand with ambition comes competitiveness; he insists on being the best at everything and shows no mercy to the opposition. When in a team setting, he has a fiery spirit and often ends up being the motivator and pushing for greater success.

Unfortunately, he’s painfully arrogant to the point of being almost thick-headed. His ego is the size of China and only getting bigger which can be extremely tiresome to endure. He enjoys gloating about his achievements and is unapologetically talkative about all things he takes pride in (himself, his friends, family, ect.). Along with arrogance comes narcissism; he truly believes he is the epitome of perfection among the male species. He can find only one fault within himself and that is his exceedingly average GPA (which he plans to raise so that he can literally be a Greek god of perfection).


Nishi came as a surprise to his parents (who were never very fond of children) and they treat him as such to this day. Both Nishioka parents are consumed by wanderlust; it is their dream to see every nook and cranny of the world, to turn over every stone and be engrossed in every culture-- children become nothing more than baggage when one’s higher calling is so divine. As such, they left Nishi to the care of an army of domestic employees in their home in Tokyo the moment his mother had recovered from the ordeal of giving birth. Nishi grew to twelve years before he saw his parents again.

And what an incredible twelve years they were; the domestic workers had become Nishi’s family and they loved him as such. Nishi’s parents were ridiculously wealthy, and the domestics used the money to Nishi’s every advantage. He had the finest tutors in Tokyo, the grandest birthday parties...every happiness a child could ever wish for. Yet, he still felt a loss within himself; while the domestic employees were indeed his family, he craved the company of those his parents weren’t paying to love him. Thus, he enrolled himself in every sport he could think of; from wrestling, to soccer, to rugby, and beyond. Nishi had a remarkable aptitude for all sports; there wasn’t a single athletic event he did not ace, not a single game he did not win. More importantly, he formed bonds with his teams and they became his family as well; for once, he was surrounded by those who truly enjoyed his company.

His favorite sport was swimming; not only did he excel at the backstroke, the water felt like a very safe place to be. Nishi grew to love the heavy scent of chlorine, the water that felt like silk as he glided through it. He loved the animated whispering of the waves as he swam through them rapidly, eyes looking to the heavens. To this day, the most beautiful sight he has ever seen has been the sun casting its glow on the pale blue water as it stroked hesitant fingers along the sides of his face and tickled his chin while he swam. He hardly felt the absence of his mother and father.

Due to his visibility in the athletic community, Nishi was recruited by a large magazine corporation in Tokyo as a model. From his role as a child model, he was swept into participating in plays, musical theatre, and even a movie. Nishi found that being in the public eye gave him confidence and he embraced the work the company assigned to him. In his mind, he felt flattered that the world would want to watch his work or see his face; he decided that he must be quite beautiful if everyone enjoyed looking at him. His life was consumed by sports, theatre, and modeling and as such, his grades went to hell. He never recovered from his academic slump and continues to be extraordinarily average when it comes to grades.

As his thirteenth birthday neared, his parents returned. With them, they brought the greatest gift Nishi would ever receive; a younger sister. She was introduced to him as Hiyori and he became enamored with her at first glance; he had seen babies before, but never so close up. He hadn’t realized how small and fragile they were. He pledged to uncaring parents to protect her forever and they humored him with smiles and promises of grand adventure once he and Hiyo were old enough. They were gone by the next morning and they haven’t returned to this day. Hiyo became the center of Nishi’s universe; everything he did, he did for her. The siblings cling to one another as drowning men cling to their lives; they realize that the only real family they have is each other and that realization keeps them extremely close.

Nishi decided that a change of pace was necessary when Hiyo began questioning if their lack of parents was her doing. As such, they moved to their parents’ residence in Seiiki where they now live alone save for the groundskeeper, a wizened man called Tanaka who they rarely see.


:star:500 POINTS:star:


:bulletblue: His cat's name is Mrs. Pistachio Mustachio, courtesy of his little sister 
:bulletblue: The only mainstream sport he hasn't played is lacrosse 
:bulletblue: He's taken gold at his local swimming tournament since he was five
:bulletblue: He 's got backstroke for days swims backstroke
:bulletblue: His favorite fruit is apples
:bulletblue: His guilty pleasure is watching emotionally stirring k-drama by himself so he can cry freely (he can't cry in front of other people)
:bulletblue: All of his modeling contracts are signed 'Nishi Shun' which is basically a joke because those are his nicknames
:bulletblue: He dots his 'i's with tiny stars
:bulletblue: Tanaka is literally the shittiest/laziest groundskeeper ever; they have no pretty plants only lame as hell grass so Nishi and Hiyo are working on planting a flower garden in the backyard
:bulletblue: He can drive (but not well) and owns a car-- that's how he gets to his photoshoots
:bulletblue: His favorite book series of all time is Sherlock Holmes (he's been Sherlock Holmes for every costume party/Halloween event since he was ten; Hiyo is sometimes his Watson)


:bulletpurple: He models for sports and fashion magazines in his free time


:bulletorange: Nishioka, Hiyori: Younger Sister - Hiyo is six years old and the only person in Nishi's bloodline he considers his family. He tends to spoil her rotten and tries his best to be a good role model for her to follow. The two enjoy playing games together (the siblings are both extremely competitive), gardening, and messing with their cat. Nishi is the only "parent" Hiyo has ever known. Hiyo loves ponies, the color pink, and tackle football. She's remarkably good at it and plays quarterback for a boys' little league team. 

:bulletorange: His Parents: Nishi doesn't have a particular opinion on them; he doesn't know them well enough to hate them, but he does resent them to some extent for abandoning Hiyo so early in her life. He thinks they are entitled to their adventures and he understands the appeal of traveling and working over seas, yet he wishes they hadn't been irresponsible enough to have children when they obviously weren't ready. 

:bulletorange: Yamaguchi, Satoshi: Older Half-Brother - He is vaguely aware that he and Hiyo have an older half-brother, but he has only met Satoshi twice and that was when he was still a very young child. Satoshi hasn't showed any interest in being involved in his life, so Nishi tends not to think about him. Satoshi was Nishi's father's first child with a woman he was not married to before he had met Nishi's mother. 

R.P. M E T H O D S

I'm extremely flexible when it comes to RP; I can adapt to anyone's needs. However, I prefer to do lit via Skype. Again, I can adapt; script is okay (I tend to be less detailed during script RP), comment RPs are a-okay and so are notes. 

How we RP doesn't matter-- I'll adapt to ur needs :iconimbishieplz: plsRPwithmytrashson--

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